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Immortality ...

Our Merriam-Webster dictionary defines immortal as the "quality or state of unending existence."

The individuals and teams we are inducting into the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame have all grabbed a speck of immortality. 

Thanks to the effort of all those involved in the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame, its Executive Board and their various committees, this year’s class has achieved a tiny taste of this unending existence by their induction into the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame.

Many will follow in their footsteps. In the next decades, other plaques will join these on the walls of the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame. Others will be honored. But no star will shine brighter. No smile will beam brighter. No heart will beat prouder than the inductees honored at this year's ceremony.

In life, too often we fear that when we are gone, our families, our friends, even future generations will soon forget our accomplishments. But today, these honored inductees, like the inductees of the past sixteen years, have grabbed a speck of immortality.

The Sports Hall of Fame is a positive accomplishment in Bay County. It is a beacon that shines for every athlete, man or woman, young or old that has competed and achieved excellence. In the years to come, the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame will continue to serve as a lasting tribute to each and every athlete.

Maybe we can all walk a little prouder.   Perhaps we have all grabbed a speck of immortality.
Originally published in Bay County Sports Page, October 1983.
 By O.J. Cunningham
 Revised & edited for this publication


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(As stated in the Bay County Sports HOF By-laws - Article II -- May 1990)

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