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Nomination is the first step to being inducted into the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame (HOF). No matter how significant the accomplishments of a team or individual may be, a nomination is necessary in order for that person or team to be considered for induction to the HOF and then placed on the ballot.

It should never be taken for granted that someone will be inducted. Do not assume that since you know all of the details concerning the greatness of a past legend, that this information is well known to everyone. In the past seven years, members of the Hall of Fame Board of Directors have reviewed the files of hundreds of potential inductees. But there is no possible way that all files on all qualified inductees could be gathered.

The nomination process is easy. All that is required is to submit the name of the team or individual on a Bay County Hall of Fame nominating form. In many cases, the Bay County Hall of Fame Board of Directors Nomination Screening Committee will do its own research on the candidates. But it is helpful to include the name of a contact person on the nomination form if additional information is required.

Before submitting a nomination form, please read the following criteria:


All nominees must have outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of athletics. Nominees must either have been born in Bay County or achieved   athletic greatness in Bay County.

1. All-State
2. All-American
3. State Champions
4. USA Champions
5. World Champions

1. Exemplary Service
2. Coach-of-the-Year Award

Outstanding Service:
An individual who has made outstanding contributions.

Longevity alone is not a reason for ranking.

Excellence above the ordinary in their field of endeavor is required.

Should have a minimum of five (5) years involvements with the sport or sports.    

1. Any individual who meets the outlined qualifying criteria may be nominated.

2. Nominations must be made on official Bay County Sports Hall of Fame "Candidate" forms that will be avilable through the executive secretary, or through the internet nomination form. Once the forms are completed they must be returned with all available information regarding the candidate included.

3. No individual inductee will be formally inducted without his/her approval or the approval of his/her family.

4. Each selected nominee will be notified as soon as possible following selection.

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